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What Gives You the Confidence to Make the Jump?

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

We have ALL learned a lot through Covid I hope. God is STILL downloading things to me. I remember when God spoke to me about pivoting my career. It SCARED me. He told me to leave and I couldn’t believe it. I worked so hard to get to where I was. The good. The bad. The ugly. I appreciated it all. It’s what made me successful as a business owner and entrepreneur.

But I can admit, I was starting to get comfortable and things became convenient for me. I was losing passion as a co-owner and beauty technician. I realized that I had begun to grow complacent in some areas. I questioned at times, was this God’s best for me...

God showed me that I was capping my potential.

But... In order for me to make the decision to step down as an co-owner of my salon it would require obedience to God. Yes. Courage. Indefinitely. But I needed the confidence and assurance that I could do it. While these all work hand in hand, for some reason I didn’t think I had the confidence to pull it off.

Who will I be without this or that? What will

I have to show for the success I’ve acquired? What will people say? Does this make me a failure? How can God recycle and use what I felt like I’ve lost? I was a hot mess! I was second guessing everything.

I fought with God. I cried and prayed.

And with some therapy 😅, I made the jump

and realized how I gained and kept the confidence I needed...

What gives us confidence when we have to make a big jump or decision?

1. God gives us confidence

When we put our confidence in God, we gain the assurance we need. I think this is amazing. While we’re freaking out, kicking and screaming, God shows us through our bold steps we’ve made in the past, that he’s always with us. EACH and EVERY jump he’s been there. Praying and seeking Him will give us the confirmation we need, then we gain more