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How To Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety truly used to get the best of me and if I’m not careful it can sneak up on me again.

I would have the WORST anxiety and eventually turn into panic attacks. It was awful 😞 They were more frequent when my children were much smaller than they are now. Juggling being a wife, mother, building as a beauty professional, preachers wife + more I was overwhelmed!

Here are a few tips that helped me manage those moments:

Prayer + Meditation

Look this helps me every time… Getting to a silent place to talk to God about how I felt, going over scripture over and over until I literally calm down helps. Finding that silent spot is important. You need times where you can connect with God a s yourself. Ask Him and Allow Him to show you what has you worried.

Eating/healthy diet + Getting enough sleep

Some days I wouldn’t eat, simply because I would forget. That and not sleeping good could bring on those attacks. A good night rest always makes you feel great puts you I’m a better mood. The chances of you feeling stressed with good sleep is slim. Get the adequate amount of time in bed :)

Movement + Learning to control my thoughts

Take a stroll around the neighborhood. I love walking it helps me clear my mind. When I can’t walk, I try to redirect those negative thoughts that pop up and think about things I love and what I’m grateful for. I also think about whats my motivation behind some of the things I feel like I need to be doing. Really think about that. Sometimes we end up stressing over things that don’t matter, so think about things that do. Like plants!! lol :)

Calendar or Notebook

Sometimes being overwhelmed with a lot can lead to us being in our heads most of the time. When I’m in my head, writing those things down on paper really helps. Or even using a calendar is great because you can plan your day, week or month. It helps you to prepare. Filling in a calendar is not always easy. But I notice when I stick to it I get my tasks and I feel ahead.

Be encouraged 💛

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