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How To Prevent Goal Fatigue?

Have you ever experienced goal fatigue?!

I have...

For almost 2 years I’ve been intentional about the transition of my career. I stepped down as a salon co-owner and came from behind the chair. So, I’ve had to put concentrated energy and effort into my next chapter as a beauty educator and self-care coach.

I’ve been hyper focused on switching gears, building a website, creating content, taking on new clients in this new field full time, intensive personal therapy, training and coaching certification. All these goals were important to me so that I can be present and helpful for my clients. Which means I have to be present for myself first and celebrate myself for what I’ve accomplished.

I am now a certified John Maxwell Team (JMT) coach and trainer. The investment + 9 months of training has been so worth it!! I learned A LOT; especially about myself. (That's why I haven't been present lately)

For me there has been goal after goal. Because of the concentrated energy + effort to reach a goal… we get tired! So after we reach our goal, we should takes breaks. We can’t treat the finish line as a starting block. So here's the answer... It simple.

Take a moment to experience your growth + celebrate. Your body + mind can use some self-care.

Here is a picture of me about to feed my face with pasta :)

So I’m going to use this as a coaching moment...

  1. Where do you find yourself feeling burned out or losing passion for a goal?

  2. Have you found you’re losing energy or slowing your pace as you move towards a goal

  3. What step can you take to restore your energy?

Treat yourself for the goals and tasks you have accomplished.

Have a great day!

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Hey, i have been looking for you, i am the lady who wanted to start a hair care product. And didn't know how to start, you told me to text you.

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