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How to travel alone as a woman guilt free

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

So I did a thing... For my 35th birthday I planned a trip. It wasn’t for family, nor was it for my girlfriends. For the first time I went on a trip and it wasn’t work related... I planned a trip for ME. With me. Just ME. I should have titled this Me, Myself and I lol!

For this milestone birthday I didn’t want to just go to a dinner, or have party. I wanted to plan some days away doing things I wanted. No rushing. No pressure. No time schedule. No anxiety. Not worrying if any of my friends will show up... This birthday I wanted something different. Quiet time + Comfy clothes. No glam. Just being in my most authentic self.

Y’all it was AHMAZING!! I chose to have a spa experience. I went to Boulder Resort

and Spa in Arizona. I read that Arizona has some of the BEST spa resorts. It was different than most places I would pick. So I went there, and it was breathtaking!

But I have to admit... I wanted to cancel several times. I was thinking will it be fun?! What will I do there by myself? Will the kids be okay? Will my husband survive? Can work hold until I get back? Not to mention my to-do list of things I have to get done. All of these thoughts were running through my head. I really almost gave in. That’s when I realized that’s the very reason I should go!

Why is it so hard to do things for ourselves?Why is it hard to accept that we deserve alone time?!

Women are nurturers by nature. We take care of everything and everyone. We SUCCEED with the many roles and responsibilities we have. We work hard + meet deadlines for work, we cook + plan dinner for the family, we are there for our friends. We’re HER clutch! We make sure our homes are neat, clean and peaceful. We finish school, and accomplish our goals.