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5 Things That Help Me Cope During COVID

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

As we are heading into August kids are going back to school, work flow is getting back to normal. Covid cases are spiking back up. We’re in a season where everything is up in the air. My prayer is that your families and loved ones are covered and protected during this time.

It has been almost two years that this deadly disease has taken a toll over our nation. I’ve learned A LOT during this time, things I plan to share over time. Have you considered everything you’ve learned? About yourself? Your family? Your perspective on life?

What has God shown you that you need to change or adjust. I wanna share 5 things that has helped me cope in these times.

1.) Talk to a professional

I’ve realized that in this season it’s very easy to get frustrated & down. Sometimes you just need a good vent. Everyone does. Talk to a professional. While friends can help sometimes the load we are carrying can be too heavy for our loved ones. Find a person that is qualified in the area you’re struggling in. Covid has allowed us to see some good things, but it’s also brought out some things we need help with. It’s okay to need professional guidance. Therapy is self-care. Make this investment for yourself and be prayerful that God will send you the right person to link with. ••••

2. Create a space

Everyone needs alone time and you need your own space. I like to be outside. So I made my back porch lively & lush with plants. It helps me to unwind and relax. I go outside to have a glass a wine, listen to some soothing music, write or read a book. Whether this space is outside, in your bedroom, in a nook around the house. It doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s not in the house maybe it’s a coffee shop or park near by. Do you have an area that you love to be in? Figure out what space you can create for yourself to feel better. Try it! It‘s Ahmazing 🙂


3. Move your body

During this time I’ve been moving my body more. I’ve discovered that I love walking, and I love to walk beautiful trails here in Georgia! If you haven’t planned a trip at a trail you’re missing out! Moving for me helps me clear my head. It’s helps my body and it puts me in a good space before I start my day or end the day. Moving for you could be different. You could watch a workout video on demand. Dance hard to your favorite album or go to the gym! :) Either way do something to get your blood flowing. It’s always makes us feel better.


4. Prayer & Meditation

This one is big for me! We’ve experienced HISTORY this last 18 months. The news/media can be A lot! I had to get to a point where I disconnect at times get still, and spend time with the Lord. It makes ALL the difference. When you can quiet yourself not only can get discern the voice of God, but there’s peace you receive meditating on the word and goin