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3 Things All Women Should Share

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

As a beauty professional in the salon I’ve realized the importance of sharing. In a room surrounded by mostly women who are emotional, depressed, wounded, accomplished, happy, and whole, LOTS of sharing takes place.

Years of listening to us in the beauty chair, I learned that when women share we will heal. We win. We grow. We motivate one another. Even Jesus himself spent his life and ministry sharing and giving to others. It only makes sense that we do the same.

Perhaps when you think of sharing you clinch or close up. You’re hesitant and reluctant. It could be due to the hurt you’ve experienced from others. You think about people who took for granted the things you easily gave away. I know, I’ve been there 🙋🏾‍♀️

With some soul searching, I realized that it’s not about me. How can we move beyond ourselves to help and uplift women? How can we use our lessons to leverage the hurt we’ve experienced?

We can do this by Sharing...

Here are 3 things I believe women should share:

1.) Our Gifts and Talents:

Our gifts and talents weren’t given to us for just us! We have them to SHARE and to help people. Our gifts and talents entertain people, and make them feel good. Find time to give your talents freely. You never know who can up uplift with your gift.

2.) Our Stories and Life Experiences

Sharing our stories and life experiences allows us to build community & connection with women. It helps us not to feel alone in the things that we go through. When we share our experiences they give women hope. When you hear someone’s story that connects with you, it’s life changing! Who’s life can you change today with your story or life lesson?

3.) Our Hugs + Smiles

Due to COVID the Global Pandemic that has shaken up our world, physical contact is less and less. That’s understandable! I hope that you continue to remain safe for yourself and your family.

Touching is a powerful love language though.

It can promote good health and can also boost self esteem as well as smiling. When the time is right, hug and embrace someone. Let them know you see them and smile. The world may be cold but it doesn’t mean we should be cold to the world. Take the mean unit off. Smiling is inviting and a great gesture that can make a persons day.

What are some other things we can share to embrace women? Please share lol! :)

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