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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Hi there,

My name is Eboni. I was Born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Atlanta, Ga. I am a free spirit + natural encourager. I can be an introverted + reserved, Orrrr very silly + animated! I enjoy great food, venturing to coffee shops (I want my own one day). I like to read what I like to read + I love anything art related. I like to write. Buying journals has become a serious addiction as well as buying plants... Yes, I am a plant mom. I mean... it’s bad... :) There are plants everywhere in my home + they all manage to stay alive!

In 2007 I married the love of my life at the young age of 21. Hitched in a purposeful companionship for 13 + years. As the expression of love grew stronger together we brought three beautiful boys into the world. I am a Makeup Artist + Beauty Educator. With many years in the beauty industry I’ve accomplished + learned a lot. I’ve grown as a person. I’ve grown as a believer. I am a Christian unashamedly. I believe Jesus Christ is my Lord + Savior. He’s the reason I have everything I have :)

I want to share my journey of the joys and challenges of being a black woman, a wife, a mother, + entrepreneur to empower women with my story. WHICH is how this blog came about. I realized while servicing many women that my passion went beyond hair and makeup. While building great bonds with women I’ve learned that it’s about sharing stories, life experiences, affirming one another in confidence, informing and releasing what you know to enrich the lives of women you connect with.

If we do that, we can spread hope and healing to women everywhere! (That’s the goal)

Join me as I share my journey. On this blog you can expect me to share my devotions and+ reflections, stories of other beautiful women, beauty tips, resources + strategies to navigate being a mother, wife, entrepreneur and most of all being a woman.

I look forward to connecting with you and

Thank you again for stopping by! :)

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